Principal’s Message

The Principal- The Pathfinder

Where we are today was once only a dream. Police DAV students creating ripples at the International level in sports. Jasmeet Singh won handball match in Pakistan as a member of Indian Handball Team and was felicitated by President of DAVCMC. Palak Kohli represented India in Badminton Paralympics in Thailand and has been selected for forthcoming Asian Games going to be held in Indonesia. We added one sport after the other and are providing training by the best national level Punjab Police coaches, with a dream-our students being decorated with medals amidst thundering applause at International scenario. The dream of the founders-e specially of the Founder Chairman Sh. M.S. Bhullar is a reality today, visible to everyone, declaring the triumph of our spirit, faith and fortitude.

Not lagging behind in academics, the Almighty blessed us with brilliant X and XII board results, selection of Science Project in Top Category at national Level CBSE Science Exhibition, Prizes in Bombay Stock Exchange Financial  Olympiad at National Level, Om topped Maths Olympiad at the National Level and felicitated by DAV…the list goes on. When joint efforts are made with sincerity and commitment, efforts not only of the administration, faculty or students but equally of the parental support , success tales are scripted.

Dear Parents, you have always supported the institute and its ideology. On our side, beside academics, sports and co-curricular activities, matching our stride with new technology and developments. We are providing the latest apps, softwares and programmes. In addition to equipping our children with knowledge and skill sets, we always endeavour to teach the definition of a “ well lived contented life”, “Humanity” and their responsibility towards their nation and world at large.

Let us join hands and work as a collaborative team  to teach our children how to attain peace both in the inner and the outer world by abandoning negative states of mind like anger and intolerance, the prime causes of fighting in war: and cultivating positive emotions such as love and compassion. Let us embed “Peace” in our progeny to foster a generation devoid of any narrow parochial adjectives that divide societies, bias judgement, constrict minds, lock hearts and raise walls and boundaries-all eventually leading to conflicts and wars. Only then we can actualise a world where tranquility, harmony and brotherhood reign supreme……