School Codes & Policies


  1. Damage to the school property of whatever nature, will have to be paid for by the individual responsible.
  2. The students should abstain from coming to the school on their self driven scooters/mobikes and cars.
  3. If due to unavoidable circumstances a child has to leave the school, a prior intimation to the class teacher should be sent duly signed by the parents.
  4. The school does not allow unruly or long hair, use of hair gel and fancy hair styles.
  5. The girls are not allowed to wear jewellery and fancy clips or apply nail paint.


  1. Attend the parent/teacher meetings to ensure child’s progress in school.
  2. Sign messages, progress reports or other similar documents when requested to do so and not put your child to an inconvenience.
  3. Be open to listening and considering the teacher’s opinions regarding your child, even when the comments may be less than complimentary.
  4. Encourage your child to be simple in appearance.
  5. Please donate a plant to the school on your ward’s birthday and contribute in making the environment greener.